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Photorealistic Virtual Archaeology-Presentation

Client: Kantonsarchäologie AargauProject: "Vindonissapark - Legionärspfad"
Babylon (Iraq), The Ishtar-Gate and the Processional RouteConstruction stage at the time of King Nebuchadnezzar, beginning of the 6 th century B.C.
Greek Temple of Demeter (Sangri, Naxos),6 th century B.C. Reconstruction according to G. Gruben and A. Ohnesorg (Antike Welt 33, 2002, 387et sqq.). Photograph (picture 2) D. Rothacher, May 2004.Roman basilica in RiegelReconstruction by Dr. Christian Dreier
Neuss - Novaesium. Legionary fortress, Via Praetoria.
Client: Kantonsarchäologie Aargau
Project: "Vindonissapark - Legionärspfad"
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Digital 3d-visualizations of archeological objects basically can have completely different aims.

There is a large range of techniques:

  • from the minimalistic reproduction of recuced spatial geometry which eventually might be used for verification to prove scientific results.
  • to the genuine virtual reconstruction of historical and prehistorical environment at a high level of detail and reality, which might be needed for a documentary.

It is possible to integrate 3d-models into a real photograph or a movie of the real environment or vise versa – place real actors with realistic shadows into a virtual model.

For years we put enormous effort and all of our know-how into to constantly improving and making our work as realistic as possible.  The viewer should not instantly  be able to tell that the pictures were created on the computer.

We have made tremendous advance in three key areas:
in the effect of lights and shadows, the creating of surface materials with a natural appearance and the mastering of the hard-edge straight line effect which is very typical for computer renderings.

Moreover, our virtual reconstructions utilize what the latest in technological advances have to offer.  This is a major plus especially for creating and rendering large-scale and complex 3d-models.


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