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About Us

contact persons:

Matthias Link,
architect (TH Karlsruhe)
building history and constructions,
concepts, communication & projectmanagement

You can count on our profound knowledge in the area of archaeological field studies and its evaluating methods as well as architecture and building history:  there will be no problem with communicating with us.

The handling of media and didactics, both traditional and the no-longer-so-traditional "new media" is our profession. Here, you can truly expect something extraordinary;  from  consultation services to realization, or from an advertisement flyer to CD-ROM and to more complex presentations.

To get everything done the way you want it to be done, we have a rendercluster of 18 computers at the time with a total of about 60 GHz processing-power. Thus we can process our visualizations and movie sequences. If necessary,  we can even add 8 workspace computers to the render network as well. 
This gives us the possibility to successfully master even time sensitive tasks.

Naturally, we sometimes need support from outside vendors for a special scope of duties.  For example, the following will be taken care of by approved service providers:  complete sound recording and the composition of music pieces that are free of GEMA-fees (German organization for musical performance and mechanical reproduction rights), the recording of the narrated text as well as the dubbing.
We coordinate the different types of workflow and supervise the adherence to quality and the observance of the time schedule.

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