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 Rectification Of Aerial Photographs    |    Documentation


rectification of aerial photographs
according to control points and -vectors
excavation documentation
precise and demonstrative

Profound knowledge of archaeology and the methods of scientific analysis build the foundation of our work.

For instance, by carefully implementing digital techniques we look to simplify and rationalize work flow process which by turn then reduce costs, for example with the use of digitally created excavation plans.

We also offer the use of our new techniques such as the rectification of a tilted photograph of a planum and profiles for technical orthogonal photos, as well as the implementation of a 2D-excavation documentation from scale paper to 3D-feature models which can be moved interactively . 
This can make e.g. complex stratigraphies or coherences much more transparent and easier to comprehend.

We can  program databases from your finds book specific to your exact needs or program internet based, scalable, unlimited in size,  full databases with various input masks and freely configurable inquery- and data analysis routines.

This allows the staff members to log into the system via a SSL-secured internet connection and a browser so they can work from any location.

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