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3D-reconstruction of the
roman basilica of Riegel, Germany
visualization of the Ishtar-Gate
of Babylon
Leonardos ideas
see his machines in action
Gallery: Get an overview
of our 3D-Models

We specialize in computer-aided 3d-visualizations of virtual reconstructions of archaeological objects.

In 1996 we were early pioneers in this field, today we are proud to
be one of the leading providers in this field. Our visualizations and 3d-animations of reconstructed history are based on the

scientific knowledge and are at a very high-quality visual standard.

We supply you with high-tech solutions of great graphic quality, reality and level of detail: if you need to have high resolution freeze- image, animations for TV-, video-, internet-display and large screen beamer presentation, or if you are interested in free interactive movement through virtual space in real-time (level-technology).

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